Memo: Monday, June 1st, 2020 – Monday, February 1st, 2021

(Memo update: As of Sunday, November 15th, 2020: Status is “ongoing until further notice” beyond presumed date, above).

Good Day to All Returning and Future Clients:

In anticipation of your visit, please review the below information, which is to be read by ALL customers. We hope you and your family are all well in health, and safety. We look forward to welcoming you to our Treatment Studio, in the near future.

Thank you for seeking your HIGH at CONTACT HIGH MASSAGE!
-Client Support at Contact High Massage

Thank you for your patronage of Contact High Massage, and for your patience as we reopen, during this NC Phase 2 Executive Order. We are reopened, and can welcome you back as early as this evening, depending on pre-booked, online availability. Please do not feel that our intention is to rush you into leaving the comfort of your home. We hope each client will make the best personal choice, in returning to pre-pandemic norms.

We made adjustments to our furnishings, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these changes will not affect you, or your service. The few changes that do affect you will be addressed, by your Massage Therapist, upon your return…, like your therapist using a no-touch temperature reader, as a prerequisite to beginning any treatment, and you walking on a disinfected yoga mat (without shoes), when positioning yourself on the table, so your bare feet do not touch the floor. Speaking of feet, we also encourage every client to refrain from wearing open-toe shoes, sandals, and flip flops, to our appointments. These shoes may unintentionally place your feet in contact with infected debris. In general, our goal is to eliminate your use of our porous furniture, and we ask for your help with our efforts. To this end, we ordered new seating options, and are excited for their arrival.

Please know that NC Governor’s task force, recommends that you wear a face mask to, and during your appointment. This protection is a requirement for our services. With that in mind, your therapist may suggest that you remove the mask, during your treatment, particularly when face-down (prone position), based on your breathing requirements. Please keep in mind that our Massage Therapists will be actively wiping down and disinfecting a minimum of nineteen (19) surfaces, over the course of each client’s visit.

In the practice of your treatment, it is customary for your Massage Therapist to exert quite a bit of energy, and, they will be doing so now, while testing their use of face coverings, against their respiratory and cardiovascular needs. Should adverse conditions interfere with your therapist’s ability to perform service while wearing a mask, NC Governor’s Phase 2 Executive Order allows for removal of the face mask. To this end, we advise that no talking take place while you are face-up on the treatment table (supine position), with your Massage Therapist working in your upper half area (section from your diaphragm to your scalp, including arms) where individuals are unmasked.

Please bring a travel/personal hand sanitizer with you, as part of our “new normal” safety measures for appointment bearers. Your hand sanitizer is helpful for your personal hand use on door handles, while wet, as you navigate our location, and enter our office. The idea is that you perform a 50% spread of the solution on your palm first, then open and shut a door while your hand is wet, then spread the other 50% around the full top and bottom of your hand, for full sanitizing.

We hope it is obvious, that your Massage Therapists will be performing additional cleanings, to equipment between shifts. Our hope is that supply chains throughout the country, will be able to provide for our ongoing commercial needs. This is one of many factors determining our continued success. In an effort to decrease the number of objects necessary for our clients to touch, while in our care, we will no longer require Massage Therapists to issue bottled water. This will 1) drastically reduce much of our waste products, 2) eliminate the need to sanitize water bottles, before giving one to you, and 3) assist us in stabilizing our service costs, which are no doubt rising, as a result of the current pandemic, and ongoing measures. Let us be first to say, that your patronage in light of our safety measures, is of most value to us all.

Please be vigilant with your health, the health of your Massage Therapist, and with the health of all our clients, to stay home if you feel ill, even if the discomfort appears minor. We will no longer be charging cancellation fees for appointments cancelled within 24 hours, so long as the appointment is rebooked and serviced within 2 weeks. We will also not charge our cancellation fees for cases of COVID-19; however, a doctor’s notice of recovery along with a doctor’s release to receive massage, will be required before an appointment booking can be honored, for those who are recovered from COVID-19.

Many people asked whether our pricing will be increasing as a result of our added costs. Balancing additional production costs against patron pricing, always takes serious consideration. We decided to increase our 60 minute/(50 minutes hands-on), Swedish/Rest and Relaxation service, by five dollars ($5.00); this brings the Monday through Thursday price to $50.00, and the Friday through Sunday price to $65.00. This increase affects our member and university/student pricing rates, for this service. (The university/student discount for our Swedish/Rest and Relaxation service, is $5 off Monday through Thursday, for $45.00; and, $10 off Friday through Sunday, for $55.00. The member discount, for this service, remains at $5 off, and members continue to receive a waiver of the now, $15 premium for appointments Friday through Sunday).

Also, our member discount for our hour of Follow Up-Targeted Treatment, will be reduced to $5 off, instead of $7 off. This was an original intention, but one that is now become necessary. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this decision may unintentionally yield. Currently, all other items in our fee schedule, and any prerequisite services remain unchanged. To our loyal clients, who stayed with us through the inception of our branded Clinical Locked-In, i.e. “Follow Up-Targeted (1/2 Body) Treatment,” your discounted rate remains unchanged during this period. We hope you will continue to show your support, by recommitting within every 30 days, to stay “Locked-In.”

For those who are not familiar with our branded, Clinical Locked-In program, the idea is simple. Follow-Up any appointment with our “targeted” 1 of 5 possible Half-Body areas, for Deep/Clinical Treatment, within 30 days, and get $30 off the full price: for $50 Monday-Thursday; $65 Friday-Sunday. No membership is needed, and the benefits are immediate, and on-going. We hope there’s no need to break a budget, for our corrective work. Many of our current clients receive only this treatment, in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals.

We feel this message is pretty thorough, but welcome your thoughts, should you have concerns not addressed here. We hope you and your family are well in health, and in your scope of this crisis. We happily look forward to welcoming you back to our Treatment Studio, in the near future.

-Client Support at Contact High Massage