Great Massage Discounts

Contact High Massage, LLC presents OTHER VALUABLE DISCOUNTS

  • Have you had your first appointment, but need to come back within 30 days?
  • Do you want $30 off a normal full body Deep/Clinical treatment?
  • Do you have chronic discomfort or pain?
  • Do you have an injury related issue?
  • Do you need FAST RELIEF?
  • Do you need focused work?
  • Receive an upper half, lower half, core focused, or full left or right side, Signature Skills session for 60 minutes
  • Pay only $50 Monday – Thursday  ($80 value)
  • Just $10 more Friday – Sunday  ($90 value)
  • LOCKED-IN SERVICE (many of our clients only get this service!)
  • LOCKED-IN PRICE (just come back within 30 days)

Participant must stay LOCKED-IN by receiving any follow-up treatment within 30 days from previous appointment, or have a substitute client receive any Contact High Massage, LLC service. Clinical Locked-In service and associated discounts are limited to one (1), of the following five (5), options; without substitutions: 1) Upper Half bodywork (from low back up), 2) Lower Half bodywork (from hips down), 3) Core (right above the knees, to the bottom of the shoulder blades), or 4) full Left-Side, or 5) full Right-Side. 

  Our commitment to you is this 33-37% discount. Your commitment to us is PROGRESS!
WE just want you to heal, and feel good about the dollars you’re spending!
No membership necessary! Limit 1 per customer per day!
Beyond 30 days, price reverts to a normal 60 minute Signature Skills session.
(Our Follow Up-Targeted Treatment provides an added benefit of $5 off, for all HIGH CONTACT CLUB Members!)

2. Contact High Massage COLLEGE DISCOUNT

Are you a STUDENT or EMPLOYEE of any North Carolina College or University?
If you are bring proof, and COME RELAX WITH US at Contact High Massage, LLC!

  • Get a member rate for our 60 minute Swedish/Rest & Relaxation massage.
  • Get $5 off, you pay only $45 Monday – Thursday
  • Just $10 more Friday – Sunday
  • After your first visit, come back within thirty (30) days, and upgrade to our Clinical Locked-In, Deep 1/2 Body, specific work for just $5 more


Gratuities are always welcome, and are not included in any pricing structure.
Please refer to Tip Chart located in your treatment room for suggestions!

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Contact High Massage, LLC and its therapists reserve the right to refuse service. Pricing subject to change without notice.  Please refer to this on-line page for the most up to date information.