Member Therapist Process/MTs Only

Listed below are the 3 steps necessary to become
a Member Therapist at Contact High Massage, LLC


  1. Send an email to with the subject line: MEMBER THERAPIST. Attach 1) your valid government issued photo I.D., 2) your official NCBMBT license, 3) your North Carolina Art of Healing License, 4) proof of your professional liability insurance coverage, 5) any certifications for which you intend to use the Membership Benefits, and 6) a list of four references: two personal and two professional.
  2. Once Contact High Massage receives this information, we will contact you for an interview. Please bring 1) all submitted documents with you for verification along with 2) proof of address.
  3. Contact High Massage will contact you by phone or email within 2 weeks of the interview to grant or deny permission to schedule use of product(s) under member benefits. If approved, you will need to present your validated photo ID for room access.


(CLICK HERE Once Approved) to check room availability and make your reservation(s) for the amount of appointment time, and Add_on items.

Rooms are currently available Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm, with extended hours coming soon.

*IMPORTANT* ALL unpaid reservations are held for up to 24 hours, and no fewer than 2 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. ALL appointments are currently provided with an extra free 15 minutes to account for late/slow starts, client/therapists acclimations, equipment checks and set-up, additional service time, and/or room wrap-up. This 15 minutes of bonus time is a courtesy of Contact High Massage, LLC which is not obligated to provide this extra time, and may at its sole discretion discontinue this benefit at any time.


(CLICK HERE to PAY for your Reservations.) Remember to match the product with the correct amount of time from your reservation, and appropriate Add_ons. Use your order notes/comments for specific Add_on information, and for any necessary clarification.

Add_on items are only for use during a single scheduled appointment time and can include either 1) a Table, 2) a set of Linens, 3) a Table & a set of Linens, 4) a single use Cancellation Waiver of Payment protection, or 5) a single use Weekend Upgrade for those who need to reschedule appointments from a weekday (Monday-Thursday), to the weekend (Friday-Sunday), or for those who want to use their BULK Weekday Hours on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

*IMPORTANT* ALL products are non-refundable. ANY reservation not paid after 24 hours of booking, and prior to 2 hours of the appointment will be deleted.


We have a saying at Contact High Massage:

Better Health, Better Wealth!  Good Luck!