Benefits of Bodywork Therapies

There are many benefits to bodywork therapy. Massage can provide headache relief and subside the tenderness and stiffness of plantar fasciitis.  Energy work can clear meridians and shiatsu, surprisingly, and can relax you while someone else manipulates your muscles.

Here at Contact High Massage our concern is not limited to what we believe are the benefits of getting bodywork. We are most impressed with the progress that results when people like YOU come to us for that “Ahhh” sensation.

Here’s a brief list of what everyday people like YOU said was their reason WHY:

Sciatica strain, shin splits, rotator cuff discomfort, jammed rhomboids, slept wrong, woke up too suddenly or on the wrong side of the bed, too much air travel, too much driving, twisted hip, twisted knee, scoliosis, MS discomfort, pinched nerve, cramped calves, charlie horse, avid cyclists, avid marathoner, triathlete, fibromyalgia relief, work stress, general stress, general achiness, relaxation deprived, insomniac, weightlifter, hiker, aging changes, pregnancy, etc.

We think you get the picture!