Therapist Bios

Marvin Chambers, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
License #14449

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Monday – Friday         6pm – 10pm
Biweekly Saturday      1pm – 4pm
Biweekly Sunday         6pm – 9pm
At this time Marvin is available by appointment only.

Scan_20151012 (2)Often called Mr. FixIt, Marvin began his career in massage at 8 years of age, by massaging his dad’s feet (a street preacher in downtown Chicago). From that point on, he massaged numerous people at every school he attended, and at every job he worked.

Marvin became professionally licensed in 2008, and performs all basic forms of massage. Currently he does not offer prenatal work, and only works with minors 17 and under at the request of a current client. His Signature Skill is a Deep Tissue Clinical Massage that incorporates myofascial release with body mobilization techniques, with or without stretching.

Marvin enjoys thinkingAMTAProfessional_4C, meditation, listening to classical music and writing poetry. Besides devoting 100 hours a month to Contact High Massage, Marvin is also an Independent Agent representing American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus, commonly referred to as AFLAC, one of our partners. Watch my commercial!
Marvin attended Cortiva Institute: The Chicago School of Massage Therapy.

Brian Hicks, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
License #16226

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Tuesday – Wednesday    10am – 2pm
Friday – Saturday            10am – 2pm
At this time Brian is available by appointment only.


Brian is proud to have been a student in the last class at Body Therapy Institute (BTI). Having completed his massage therapy training in 2016, Brian fondly remembers the small class size, structure, and attention to detail afforded him at BTI. His favorite area to concentrate his talents is at the suboccipital triangle, where he focuses on relieving migraines and neck tensions.

Brian is a second generation massage therapist, who attributes much of his passion for healing to his mother.